Mafinga Hills

Mafinga Hills


This coffee is from the Kateshi and Isanya Estates in the Mafinga Hills, located in Zambia's Northern Province. 

Kateshi Estate is located near the town of Kasama and has a total of 2,466 hectares, 773 of which are currently cultivated with coffee. Coffee grown on the estate is between 1,340 and 1,400 masl. Coffee milling is done here, on this estate. Isanya Estate is smaller, comprising 1,600 hectares and ranges from 1500-1600 masl.


Origin: Kateshi and Isanya Estates - Mafinga Hills, Zambia

Elevation: 1400-1800m

Roast: Medium

Best as: Filter 

We taste: mellow and bright notes, green apple

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