about Groundswell roasters


where do you roast?

Our roastery is located in the Groundswell Cafe, at 566 Powell St, Strathcona.


What does the youth program entail?

The Groundswell Youth Program learn skills in business, and what better to teach these skills than in a coffee roastery! Business skills include sales, marketing and financial management. There is of course the added benefit of learning all about coffee, from sourcing, roasting right through to brewing and enjoying. We love sharing our craft.


about the coffee


Where Can I buy Groundswell Roasters' Coffee? 

Check out our stockist page for more information. If you're looking for a bag stop by our newest retailer, Dalina, located in Chinatown. 


Will you ship it?

Yes, we ship just about anywhere. You can also contact us to arrange pick up. 


Why coffee? 

Coffee is the fuel that awakens the creative spirit and the humble beverage that enables communities to share stories.  After all, every revolution started in a cafe! 


Is the coffee ethically sourced?

Yes, ALL the coffee sourced will be ethically sourced. Our coffee is certified as Fair Trade or ethically sourced through a direct relationship with a farmer.  We are also dedicated to helping farmers in the Philippines transition to certification level. As per all our roasts, our coffees will be clearly labelled so you know where the beans are sourced from.  


Is the coffee single origin?

Much of the coffee will be single origin, sourced from a variety of regions in the Coffee Belt. As per all our roasts, our coffees will be clearly labelled so you know where the beans are sourced from.  


What defines a small batch? 

 We hand roast on a 3kg Joper coffee roaster. Each batch is hand sourced, roasted and bagged. We roast ourselves, so we have complete transparency over the coffee journey to the bag. Our passion goes into every bean. 



about groundswell


What and where is the Groundswell Cafe?

 The Groundswell Cafe serves as a space for Groundswell students to learn, seek mentoring and collaborate during their social venture programs. It also houses the Groundswell Youth Program. It is located at 566 Powell St.


Can I be a student? 

Groundswell is always looking for the next cohort (small batch!) of students for the program. If you are interested in social change, starting your own venture and have a strong sense of community we urge you to check it out!