hario v60

This recipe was designed for our Lake Kivu beans. 

Rinse the filter paper with hot water and discard.
Grind 20g of coffee on a coarse grind. add to filter basket then tare scale.
Let the coffee ‘bloom’ for 15 seconds by adding hot water evenly over the grind.
< At this point you may stir the wet grinds vigorously with a wooden paddle or teaspoon > 

Steadily add water to make a total weight of 360g over 2 minutes.

Pour in smooth, consistent spirals.


You'll need:

  • Scales
  • Kettle
  • Hario v60 (water at around 96 degrees)
  • Timer 
  • Some worthy coffee beans!


adjust speed for your level of sweetness. 

a finer grind will pour slower.


chemex pourover



Unfold filter, and ensure the triple fold section is facing the pour spout.

Wet the filter, and discard the water through the spout (this allows air during brewing). 

Grind 60g of coffee, as coarse as sea salt. 

Wet the grind with around 100ml of water and allow to bloom. 

Pour your first stage of water in concentric spirals, avoiding touching the filter paper.  Pour so the water is a finger distance from the top. When the water is 1 inch from the bottom, pour another time.

Pour 700ml in total.



You'll need:

  • Scales
  • Kettle (water at around 94 degrees)
  • Chemex 
  • Timer 
  • Some worthy coffee beans!


adjust speed of pour or grind size for the perfect result.