Groundswell Summer Market

On Thursday night Groundswell Roasters had a table at the exciting, first... Groundswell Summer Market! 

groundswell roasters

As we're not officially launched, we thought it was a great opportunity to share our passion for coffee and our youth program with the community, and come they did! Through some of Iona's magic the market appeared at the number 2 'things to do' on Daily Hive, second only to the Gwen Stefani concert. Seems fair? 

We had an an amazing turnout well surpassing our expectations and our coffee just about walked out the door. One hour in we had 2 bags left!

We were selling bags of several beans, all exclusive to the Summer Market as we continue to progress what we'll stock on the shelves! The cream of the crop was a beautiful Costa Rica White Honey, which many customers were lucky enough to sample - if Will could keep topping up the french press in time! Also on offer was a medium roast Honduras, medium roast Tanzania Peaberry (kindly sourced for us by Pallet Coffee Roasters) and just one lucky bag of organic Sumatra!

We had also roasted beans for Coffee Aid, on sale by the bag at the Coffee Aid table manned by Iona and Paolo. A big thanks to Ben Rugg for helping us roast when an unexpected event took over the cafe just as we were about to hit the first batch! 

coffee aid beans

These coffee beans were directly sourced from a small farm in the Philippines and brought over in hand luggage by Iona's family.  Doesn't get more direct than that! The beans all use a natural drying process and are hand milled and sorted. We look forward to getting our hands on more Philippine beans in the coming month when Iona's uncle comes out for another visit! 

So back to the roaster we go, better top up those beans for the week ahead!

Yours in coffee, Attie