This week's roast

Will adjusting the Huky

While you were at the lake this B.C. day, we were busy roasting. We roasted the washed Guatemala Huehuetenango,  beans courtesy of our generous supporters, Pallet Coffee Roasters. Thanks Ben! 

In order to soak up a little long weekend sunshine, we took the Huky 500 outside. After a pretty successful first batch in, we had adapted to the glare on the laptop screen and the weather that couldn't decide what it was doing from one minute to the next. Ready to charge the roaster with batch 2, we realized that we'd underestimated the wind that had picked up after the first round.

After the temperature showed some erratic behavior some quick thinking from Will placed a box in front of the roaster, shielding the breeze that was flowing through consequently firing up, and then diminishing the gas flame!  It was a little too late however for batch 2, and the beans came out undeveloped and rather dry. 

Although the shield made a little difference, batch 3 also suffered a similar fate as even the slightest breeze, which was now appearing from all different angles, was enough to throw the profile off target for critical seconds. Realizing the batch wasn't going anywhere we dropped the beans early and called it a day. 

Outdoor roasting, harder than it looks. 


Attie Roasting Coffee