Day 4 of the roaster install

It's been a busy week! 

If you've been following, or come past the cafe, you would know that we're installing a 3kg Joper coffee roaster in the back of the Groundswell Cafe. The roaster will become the centre of Groundswell Roasters, soon serving you up some fresh, locally roasted coffee!

The week began with a test of agility. Clambering out windows, up ladders and onto rooftops to prepare for the piping that was to follow. 

Once all was checked off and (thank goodness) that hole we mentioned in an earlier post was, in fact, a hole, we were ready to rumble. And rumble we did. Doug's level of enthusiasm and determination was contagious and his new right hand man Kai shone as the apprentice of the decade*.

doug and kai


With a reaffirmed fear of heights, a lack of physical strength and no useful knowledge of construction I caught up on some work back in the cafe. Sitting downstairs in the cafe on the laptop meant listening to the dull thuds of whatever was going on on the roof. A good sign surely that things were progressing and an inspiring time to start this blog. 

After thinking all was progressing smoothly at the end of the day we hit another roadblock with some electrical issues. Clearly somebody forgot to touch the wood?

The morning will tell...

Day 5, here we come. 


Yours in installation, 



*Our version of 'the apprentice of the decade' should be taken as exactly that, with zero reference to Donald Trump, his hair, or that ridiculous television show.