Size does matter! From pounds to kilos...

Huky 500

It all started with a hobby roaster, a Huky 500 Will and I named Herc. We had actually ordered it long before this project came to fruition to learn how to roast coffee at home. How things evolve... 

But poor Herc, I cannot emphasise 'hobby' enough. Although the Huky 500 roaster has all the bells and whistles, it only roasts 1lb of coffee per batch.

The goal with Groundswell Roasters was to learn on Herc, and then replace him down the road with something bigger. He would still remain a sample roaster, a great size to sample green beans and test new roast profiles. 

Well Herc, sorry bud, size does matter and we're impatient. You're being replaced.

Proudly introducing... our 3kg Joper coffee roaster! Now sitting in the GROUNDSWELL CAFE! 

joper 3kg coffee roaster

Joper coffee roasters are from Portugal and combine the best of old-world history and experience with new-world technology. They are solid, amazing quality and I'll admit, just a little sexy. 

If you've spent time in East Vancouver, you've likely had coffee at Pallet Coffee Roasters and peered through the glass at the roastery. If so, this roaster may look familiar! It is, in fact, the small roaster that Pallet used to use before they upgraded to their current 15kg Joper. As supporters of Groundswell Roasters, Pallet have been kind enough to assist us in getting set up with our new industrial roaster, which we are VERY excited to use!

Stay posted for more news of our new roaster being set up in the Groundswell Cafe. It's all happening this week. 

Oh, and of course, the roaster needs a name! Suggestions welcome!

Yours in coffee,