Planes, media and coffee: an update

You know it’s been a busy month when you’re writing a blog post on your lap on the plane, en route to your honeymoon. This month has been a big one. After winning silver for our organic espresso at the Golden Bean in Portland, we’ve been busy roasting, fulfilling orders, offering samples and experimenting with some great new coffees for this fall.

This week we also appeared in the media (see here). Also a shout out to our friend Amanda from Rebel Soup whose story made the front page of the Georgia Straight! Go Amanda! We’ll see you back in the café soon for a high five.

Also this past week Groundswell Roasters served coffee at the CCEC member’s breakfast. Will and I were out of town getting hitched (a pretty solid excuse to miss such an occasion!) so the wonderful Mikey stepped in and co-ordinated a team with Iona and Gilad to help us out. Feedback from the team was so positive and they enjoyed working alongside Joanne and the CCEC team. Thanks Joanne! The two Groundswell coffees on offer were our washed Congo beans from a women’s co-op on the shores of Lake Kivu with chocolate and citrus notes, and direct trade beans straight from Cordillera in the Philippines supporting Iona’s not-for-profit organization, coffee aid.

Groundswell Roasters was founded to enrich and inspire. In both our local community, and those of the coffee farmer. Our direct trade beans from Cordillera are a great example of this, and we’ll share more soon on how we hope to see this relationship develop, and the impact it has on the Philippine coffee grower.

So I mentioned I was writing this on a plane? Where are your coffee roasters off to you ask? Will and I are en route to Colombia! Where else would coffee geeks head for a honeymoon? Following our passion we traded mai tais on the beach for picking cherries on a coffee farm, learning first hand from Colombian farmers what it takes to get those beans into the cup. We’re expecting to be humbled and inspired over the next week and look forward to sharing plenty of photos and stories, keep an eye on our Instagram feed... and stay posted!

Yours in coffee,


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